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30 June 2020

Righting Wrongs.

Before I left for the high seas, I dropped off at the scanner's the foam model of the coupe. A few days later, a couple of screen shots of the scan came through by email.

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As the 1/5th scale model was only half a model, I had first to make sure that I got the mirror line in the right place. The width of the body would be determined by the Riley chassis' track (1325mm) and the original RME body at 1613mm. My model was a bit too wide with the centre line at 167.5 (x 5 x 2 = 1675mm) and the overhang on the wheel arches would be about 25mm too much so I cut it back to 162mm.

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Most of this was academic, but as the cable laying had got into a bit of a muddle and the Magneteers were stood down for 48 hours, I hadn't much else to do but play with numbers - like rulers, not my strong suit. None of my calculations concerning the body would in any case be set in aspic as I knew my own limitations as a metal shaper would have some bearing on the subject, but when the pictures arrived, it was difficult to marry them up with how I'd seen the model.

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The first set were in 'parallel projection' mode and I really didn't recognise the car at all. I then received a set of views in 'perspective' mode which I've used here.

post image

And following comments alerting me to a potential problem, despite my attempt to deal with the slightly Noddyish roof line just behind the windscreen, I've still got some work to do - more flattening to get rid of the pointy bit. The slope of the bonnet is also too steep and needs sorting out - though from which end or both, I've not yet decided. I noticed as well that the rear of the rear wing drops away and could benefit from lifting slightly to end on the same plane as the rear of the front wing.

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Ideally, the slope from the roof to the back of the car could be extended and also made shallower. I had a fin on the original design that gave the same impression, so that's an idea that could be reinstated. This rear view makes the car look like a lump of pudding. I know that windows, various panel lines, lights and a number plate - possibly some sort of bumper as well, would break up the blank spaces and those additions would make a big difference.

post image

Similarly, the front view lacks headlights - I think I'll have them mounted separately rather than incorporate them in the bodywork - bumpers, a number plate, grill (which in this view looks clumsy and inelegant) and side and indicator lights. Plus, there's the whole light and shade thing; shadows, paint, nickel fittings and a million other shapes that the eye and the brain take in and engineer to accommodate your imagination. But, I can't help thinking there's something about these scans which is just not right.

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