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13 August 2020

Not Such A Good Idea.

My ambitions in the rocketeering department have been dealt a mortal blow. I thought it wise to gen up on a few do's and don'ts before committing hard-earned to the experiments and it transpires that the proximity of an airfield is a no-no. I'm just on the border of a Military Air Traffic Zone (MATZ) and it might be disagreeable if one of my experiments interfered with a low-flying aircraft.

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The safer and more neighbourly route was to erect a shed. The window is quite interesting. 40 years ago, Ms Whizzlong and I found this old oak church window in a junk shop in Leicester. We'd just set up shop as 'The Illustrated Glass Company' and this seemed the perfect centre piece for an anticipated show at Olympia.

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When sandblasting a 3-dimensional picture, you start at the back of the scene and work forwards unmasking areas as you go. That way the deeper components always remain to the fore - when looked at from the 'right' side of the window - because you're constantly going over them. This piece is not particularly complex - it was early days. However, a London architectural practice picked up on us and we were commissioned to create a large circular glass plaque bearing the arms of The Board of Trade. It was the Dept. of Trade's bicentennial (1786-1986) and the Queen was to unveil the plaque in the department's offices in Victoria St, London SW; a grand occasion Ms Whizzlong and I were pleased to attend.

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As a memento, I was presented with a tie which I continue to wear to official functions. It usually prompts a raised eyebrow of the 'perhaps-he's-not-as-daft-as-he-looks' variety.

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Reassembly of The Great Collector's Peugeot 172 Camionette proceeds apace.

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It has a very neat transaxle tucked away under the buck.

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We're still on the hunt for a magneto that sits at the back of the original dynamo. I have a lead to a French firm that might come up with the goods but my French correspondent has gone off the radar for the time being - France usually goes on holiday for most of August I believe and I don't want to get in a muddle with schoolboy French. I'd probably end up with a couple of bottles of windscreen wash - like I did in Norway when trying to pay for petrol.

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One of the weak points of the Morris 6 and Wolseley 6/80 oil systems is the feed to the camshaft shells. From the main gallery, a spur goes off to the rear main bearing and from there, another spur travels vertically inside the block to the rear camshaft shell housing and the oil is then distributed through the hollow camshaft to the other three shells. At the spur from the main bearing, the oil almost always leaks out of the crankcase and onto the clutch via a cork insert. I'm going to see if I can block off the offending spur and route a separate external pipe from the main gallery to the oilway in the head. Not a bad idea?

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