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05 March 2012

Adding Lightness

I realise that I must make one or two alterations to the design of the front engine mount - nothing that prevents me from using the bits I've just had laser-cut but, I think I'm over-engineering the mounting to a point where the chassis might not be able to flex in the way that it would have originally. The Morris Six engine is definitely a heavier lump than the Hillman 14 but not that much heavier. I revisited the original engine mounts and I'm reminded that inside the chassis rail was placed a wooden beam on which the pressing that forms the engine mount sat and was held quite adequately by 3 bolts passing through the frame and the wood. I'm not sure what the wood is but, in 86 years there isn't any sign of deterioration or any evidence that a wood worm has even sized it up for lunch.

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So, distracted by these new considerations, I didn't do any welding but again went back to the drawing board to sketch out the new additions to the mount.....

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...and having elected to fabricate the channel section in 4mm steel plate, I'm having extra Wheaties for breakfast. I was originally intending to put blocks of aluminium in place of the wood at each end of the mounting but these brackets are simpler to fabricate and welded to the mount there'll be 2 less pieces to work loose. In a bid to add lightness, I'm also going to reduce the amount of plate that forms the top of the channel. I must endeavour to reduce the weight at the front of the car as much as possible - the engine is at least semi-mid-mounted, but there's very little over the back wheels at the moment. I can see the battery, fuel tank and spare wheel will all have to be accomodated at the rear otherwise I'm just going to be sitting at the lights with the back wheels smoking...

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