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11 November 2012

The Good News....

... is that I've had time to sort out the drawing for the gearbox selector saddle and,

post image

if all goes to plan, it should turn out something like this:

post image

There is a slight problem in that, as I think I've mentioned before, there's nowhere to secure the offside of the saddle; the gearbox is an odd shape and the only options are to weld - tricky - or fabricate. I've sat and looked at the box for half an hour and come up with the following scheme:

post image

The bracket shown on the left of the drawing will be secured by the dip stick nut and a bolt at the back of the box - one of several which secure the selector extension to the box. In turn, the saddle will be bolted to the bracket and should be adequately stiff.

The not-so-good-news is that the radiator was delayed and so I can't be smug about pole position. Still, Learned Counsel will probably, on his return, have jet-lag and a stinking cold (courtesy of the airline's air-conditioning policy). This should adequately delay any plans he might have to nose out in front.

In between all this, I've been installing a wood-burning stove. What a blinkin' palaver! The first snag was all the rules and reg's but, a careful reading of the gen reveals that you don't have to get a specialist heating engineer to do the work, it can be done by a competent person. That's a saving then. A bung to the local council sorted out the Building Control visits and I sent my lodger up the chimney to haul up the liner. We then knocked out a few bricks to make way for the stove, concreted the hearth, laid some slate and bent up a combined backing and register plate for the fire-place.

post image

To join the flue to the stove, the wood-burner supplier had a 90 degree bend made from a biscuit tin at £89.99 which was too short and would have required another £63.99 metre length for the 200mm shortfall. Er, no thanks.  I went and got some 5" lorry exhaust pipe, cut and welded the angle and, as a precaution, I made up a damping baffle in the pipe:

post image

and..... that's your lot. When this is going, it'll be the first time in 28 years I won't have had to sit in padded overalls and a woolly hat to watch a bit of telly in the winter.

You can never have enough good news.

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