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07 March 2012

1 Forward, 3 Back.

I am in a house. It's night-time. There are other people here.

Flying around the room is a hornet the size of a small bird. It settles on the floor whereupon a very colourful snake darts from a hole in the skirting and seizes the hornet in its jaws.

It was at this point that I realised that the mid-engine mount, which in the sketch relies on the pedal rod for rigidity, is a fundamentally flawed concept. It's not a 'rod' at all, it's a spindle and the spindle has to spin because the brake pedal is keyed to it and has to operate independently within the mounting. This is not as calamitous as it first appears, in fact I was dubious of the rod's ability to do the job in any case.

So, I'll have to dream up a scheme which sandwiches the brake mechanism locating plates and carries the load up to the chassis rails. I've still half a mind's eye on the snake and the clock has just struck 4.00am.......zzzzzzz

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Tra la!

I will say that the gearbox is omitted for clarity - which is just as well really. Whilst I'm thinking about all these things and having fun sketching, I'm increasingly aware of a lack of concrete progress so, to redress the balance, I've rung the chaps who reset and make new, if necessary, the semi-eliptics. I shall visit them next week and have those ready to attach by the time I've finished with all the chassis palaver.

I've also set about bending the 4mm top plate of the front engine mount to the (I must admit) rather tight internal radius of the fore and aft plates. Happily, the Hillman 14 brake drum is the the perfect match for the radius - something that I planned of course, but forgot to mention. With the help of an able assistant, the first stage is complete and I'm going to let it rest overnight and perhaps apply a little heat in the morning to help it take up the set. I could apply the heat tonight but the Fire Brigade can always get to the scene so much more quickly in daylight.

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Whilst the springs are on my mind, I must remember to root through the spares that came with the tourer and see if I can find a couple of those handy plates that sit under the springs and provide the attachment for the lower lever of the shock absorbers. If not, I'll have to fabricate them...

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