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18 March 2012

Just get on with it.

I woke up this morning determined to settle the middle engine mount once and for all. This would also require me to finalise the design for the pedal shaft and rear brake shaft plate and at the same time, tie it all in together with the mounting that carries through to the chassis rail. I promised myself that I should have it all drawn up and sent off to the laser-cutters by the end of the day (I'm still not going to faff on with sawing up plate metal - it's too time consuming unless you've got the right kit).

First things first; if I'm going to be locked in my shed all day, I'm going to need a flask and a drawing board of sorts....

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Having quickly sketched out the side-view to scale, I then started dropping in the various components according to my latest theory (Time spent....). It didn't take too long to realise that that was all complete twaddle and I would have to start again but, this time, I would have to be a little less casual in my approach to the ruler. It's not easy trying to hold a wayward pedal cluster in one hand and having to deal with an ill-disciplined retractable tape measure in the other but, after a while a set of dimensions began to emerge that, once checked and re-checked, couldn't be far wrong.

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It seems that the drawing I produced a few days ago, whilst hopelessly inaccurate, was at least on the right lines. I've decided that incorporating the pedal shaft into the engine mount assembly is the sensible path. It'll be rigidly held and, now I've paid more detailed attention to the relative pedal, seat and firewall positions on the '29 tourer, will afford the same levels of driver comfort in the leg department. (My Bayliss Thomas was terrible - until I moved it, the accelerator pedal was positioned in absolutely the right spot for max cramp after 2 miles).

For the mount itself, I'll be using a 2" box section welded between 2 plates - one attached to the chassis, the other to the existing engine mount with the pedal shaft plate sandwiched inbetween. The box will be drilled to allow the shaft to pass from the inner pedal plate, through to a bronze bush set into the chassis plate. All I need to do is make sure that I get everything lined up and securely clamped before I tack it together.

Oh, and I altered the master drawing by moving the cockpit back 6" - it looks great (although the camera makes it go a bit squidgy).

post image

I've sent the drawings off to the laser-cutting people so I'm back on track. (Yes, I'll be glad when this middle engine mount's finished as well).

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