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18 June 2022

And Lo! Brian Appeared.

Counsel collected this Lotus 11 replica and was taking the car on its custom-built trailer to the Lacy Scott auction in Bury St Edmunds, when one of the trailer wheels fell off. Thunderbirds were alerted and I and The Great Collector, swung into action.

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As we are told and to which we can now attest, the Lord works in mysterious ways. It so happened that a convenient Baptist Church car park was a just few yards from this unfortunate migration...

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... and as Counsel surveyed the scene, Brian appeared. Brian was a car enthusiast, an engineer and, what's more, lived only around the corner, He would bring up his welding equipment and weld the wheel back onto the hub (a stud and all the nuts had disappeared) as a get-you-home fix.

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The Great Collector was tasked with bringing another trailer to complete the delivery and whilst we were loading the Lotus on to the second trailer, I had a quick look under the bonnet to find a Coventry Climax set up that Leon would appreciate.

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With the Lotus safely stored in the auction viewing premises, we retired to a local pub to digest the day's adventures.

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The next morning, it was my turn to depart the fix - to Sweden. My fellow Magneteer had already caught the ferry and was on his way through Germany as I went off to catch a plane to Copenhagen where I spent the night in a rather austere cell, before being picked up the following morning.

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There wasn't any food at the hotel, and as it was raining, a nearby Burger King beckoned. I always regret it and swear again never to darken the door of a fast food outlet - until the next time.

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The wall art was not particularly conducive to a good night's rest, but its opposite number was a numbingly brutalist concrete wall decorated with only a television. With a glass of local cider under my now distended belt, I dropped off very quickly. The next afternoon, we arrived in Karlskrona to be told that the cable load-out wouldn't be starting until Friday, which gave us a day in hand to set up the magnetising equipment without working to a deadline...

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... and for my fellow Magneteer to test out his new mobile phone aerial. This device, soaring heavenward, was clearly not without its drawbacks.

Editor's Note: I learnt a few days after the trailer incident, that being old and deaf, I had misheard our saviour's name. It was Ryan, not Brian. However, not wishing to drive a coach and four through what I think is quite a good joke, I've left the narrative as it stands.

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