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12 October 2022

Ils Sont Arrivés...

.. a little ahead of this year's Beaujolais.

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This is the long-awaited Special Builder's Breakfast Club badge. It was some time in the making as the delicacy of the design threw up some technical difficulties in the final cutting process. We started out with 2mm copper sheet and had to reduce that to 1.5mm to control the heat retention and prevent warping. The badge has a few possibilities for personalisation: it could be floated onto a copper disc and enamelled; nickel or chrome plated, elegant earrings for Miss X, or just applied to the car as is - which is what I'll do. The badge is 87mm diameter and has two small holes for mounting - these could be opened out with care. If you'd like one, they're £20.00 each postage free in the UK. Outside the UK, I'll have to apply postage at cost. Leave a message in the comments section below and I'll be in touch.

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To celebrate, I bought for a very modest sum, a clock from The Great Collector. I particularly took to this one because it was made in Odiham. Father was stationed there - it was his last posting before retirement - and he was able to engineer school holiday jobs for me in the Sergeant's Mess (washing up and scrubbing floors) the Form Store (issuing forms for issuing stuff) and where, in reading inventory entries I came across, 'Pots, Chamber, Round, Rubber, Lunatic '. My last stint was in Manning Control. Here I had my own desk and phone and kept the station establishment board up to date. My office overlooked the Puma maintenance hangar. The engineering wing staff were always an interesting bunch to talk to - of course, I can't reveal any more than that - Official Secrets and whatnot.... :)

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As some of you may remember from past posts, I keep an occasional eye on Flight Radar because the ebb and flow of air traffic around the globe is always interesting. I spotted this pattern the other day - it was an Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) aircraft from Mildenhall. They're watching (that's got to be autopilot) - appropriately enough through a large pair of spectacles.

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Jupiter was at its closest to the moon the other day which prompted me to take a picture. The detail of the lunar surface was impossible to recover - had I thought more carefully about exposure times, I think I would have had a bit more success. Anyway, this was just a quick wochenmitte post to showcase the new badge - which of course, no self-respecting Special builder can possibly do without.

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