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20 April 2023


A quick note to draw your attention to the 'Publications' link added to the navigation bar above. 'A Standard Pilot's Notes' has been available on Kindle for several years and I've been fortunate to receive a handsome royalty check in the sum of .25p every time the moon turns blue. To save myself from a higher tax rate, publishing the notes here seemed a wise move, so Albion has made it so. I still have a box of hardback copies if anyone is interested - a signed edition, £5 plus postage - drop me a note in the comments and I'll get in touch. The 'Notes' will be released over time, starting this Saturday.

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This was me checking that the volunteer (generally the front seat occupant) hadn't abandoned his post on the tail for the run-up and mag check. Soon to follow will be, 'A Manual of Matters Aviation Considered both as a Fine Art and a Worldly Pleasure.' 'The Trumpet' records my musings through 1988 when I was the editor of the Bury St Edmunds Model Flying Club's monthly magazine. Produced on a typewriter and illustrated by hand directly on to the typed page, I sometimes wonder how I managed it. At a time when Tippex was a luxury and I was having too much fun to take it seriously, the odd typo crept in. It's definitely a product of its time.

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Pa's own-design 40", PAW diesel powered Bristol Scout for rudder and throttle - basically controlled free-flight. It flew particularly well and is in The Other Wright Brother's extensive collection of models.

Editor's note: On closer inspection, I can make out an elevator horn - a departure from Pa's usual practise. Despite several setbacks, he eventually got an own-design Sopwith Camel to fly well on just rudder and throttle. His Avro 504k MkII (a 'K' with 'N' type undercarriage) didn't make the cut - it was a Veron kit and never performed as he'd hoped.

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