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29 July 2023


I've painted the front face of the scuttle to match the chassis.

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I wasn't going to trouble myself with taking apart the heater system, so carefully masked off the centre section and left that in grey.

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The detachable panel which accommodates the pedal shaft, so making it easy to dismantle everything, caused me to wonder how I was going to hand paint it without getting in a mess.

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Two small but powerful magnets in a vice - how clever is that!

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Over the week, as time allowed, I started to add the bits and pieces that go on the firewall. It's getting a bit crowded and I haven't yet come up with a plan to site the ignition multi-plug thingy. I discovered that I'll have to make up a special spacer for the steering assist motor. Without it, the geometry won't allow me to remove it from the column. A simple triangular aluminium block with holes for the bolts should suffice (happily, there's a technical drawing of the PCD in the brochure).

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My new-to-me brake press arrived in the early part of the week. The pulling handle is a bit low, so I might have to make an additional grab that I can reach more easily. I think this is going to prove very useful when doing sills, doors and window frames.

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The last few weeks have been wonderful for butterfly spotters. I have buddleia shrubs in the garden which every summer run amok, but the bonus is the profusion of bees and butterflies. I hadn't seen one like this before and the picture doesn't do it justice. I think it was a Common Blue, but it didn't have the white edges to its wings, though the black spots were present. It was an incredibly vibrant electric blue with just a hint of lilac. I pursued it to the Jasmine at the back door and got off a shot before it whizzed away again.

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My aluminium welding is gradually improving though my hand is still not steady enough to get really nice results. The occasional touchdown is also infuriating as it makes such a mess. I found out why the tungsten was splitting and causing a coronet to form at its tip - too much clean area width adjustment - 20 - 30% is about right and mine was set nearer to 50%. That said, my welder, rated at 200amps is managing to tackle material up to 3/16th and get reasonable penetration, but as the rule of thumb is 1amp per thou, I can see why it's struggling with anything approaching ΒΌ". As it happens, a return trip to Korea is in the offing, so having talked about it for ages without doing anything, on my return I'm going to upgrade to a more powerful machine.

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