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20 April 2024

And Darkness Fell Upon The Land...

.. as the predicted thunder, lightning, and torrential rain rolled in.

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Happily, I was safely tucked up in my bunk. I didn't hear or see anything of the first wave, but almost as soon as my shift began, the Gods came out to play again. As mandated, all loading stopped at the first sign of lightning. The decks were cleared and everyone got out of the carousel where the cable was being coiled.

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It's difficult to believe that this was daytime. I sat in my container and waited for the skies to clear again.

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On a lighter note, two lots of news came my way: the first was that The Great Collector had gone ahead and purchased the beautiful Alvis 12/60 I got so excited about. I'm looking forward to having a go in it, though, according to Counsel, the steering may need some slack attended to before the season starts.

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Secondly, the Hillman starred at an exhibition in Budapest. I've yet to hear how it all went, but it's wonderful to see her being so confidently campaigned. One spot of bother a few weeks earlier, involved the starter motor. The aged rubber shock absorber in the Bendix fandango, gave up the ghost and the shaft was spinning freely in the assembly. I'd written about repairing or replacing this component in the past and once diagnosed, she was soon back on the road.

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Courtesy of Kane, my fellow magneteer, comes this shot of sunrise over the harbour.

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Following sunrise, apart from the occasional passer-by, the next exitement is usually...

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... sunset, when darkness again falls over the land.

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