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12 April 2012

Don't Buy Cheap Socks.

..... I discover it's like walking around with porridge in your shoes.

I've done the milling on the engine mount and introduced a couple of bushes to the pedal shaft. I ran out of brass after those so the brake shaft will have to wait.

This is how the top of the offside mount looks - I'll have to plate the recess to re-establish the integrity of the box.

post image

From the other side:

post image

The whole palaver (minus the chassis blocks and plates) looks like this:

post image

And slots neatly into the chassis like so:

post image

This has been the most difficult bit up to now and has taken more time than I imagined (the detail work has still to be finished).

A cheery call from the chaps at the forge to tell me that the springs are ready was yesterday's good news and I shall whizz down to London on Monday to collect. On the way home from work I looked in on the laser cutting people and collected a couple of brackets that need to be welded to the ends of the front engine mount. The radiator support and front crossbeam pieces are still work in progress but should be ready on Friday. I need to speed on with the last engine mount - at the output end of the gearbox - and then I should be ready for the blacksmith to do the riveting and then it's off to the blasting and powder-coating shop.

The one thing that's nagging away at me at the moment is the cost of the wheels. For 21" spoked wheels complete with tyres, (I'm supplying the centres) I'm looking at about £700 each! I've phoned around and that seems to be the going rate. If I just buy the rims and spokes and get them to do the dimpling and drilling for the correct offset, then I assemble them, then get them trued up locally, there's not a lot in it.  The thing is is that if the wheels don't look right, the whole car is going to look silly. I've never really liked the look of the Model A's when Ford introduced the 19" wheel in about 1930 - the lines were spoilt; that extra 2" is the difference between not noticing it (because it's right) and a cheap do. Like the socks.

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