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17 April 2012

Tappet Adjustment....

... or more accurately, cam follower adjustment, on the Morris Six engine (and one or two others) is rather clever. I've never come across this system before and it seems, in principle, to be an absolute delight (anything would be compared to a side valve).

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I haven't taken the head or the camshaft off yet so I'm not entirely sure what goes on underneath the pot and what the valve actually looks like but, the basic principle is that the 2 slotted rings (A and B) each accept a 'C' spanner. One holds the pot still and the other clicks the top ring round and - brilliantly - 1 click is equivalent to 1 thou. How clever is that? And, how clever would it be if I actually possessed a set of these essential 'C' spanners? Well, I didn't have them and no amount of looking for them produced a result until I stumped up to join the Wolseley Owners Club and rented a set. You'll remember that I have connections in the laser-cutting industry so you'll know exactly what I did next.

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I just had to do a little bit of milling:

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and I have a set of the correct tools for the job. I now need to make the special tool that removes the middle bit of the distributor drive thingy and I can then proceed with whipping the head off.  I borrowed a boroscope ..... and had a shufty down the bores. Not pretty. But then I'm getting ahead of myself again.

Along with the tappet tools, I collected the front engine mount brackets to complete and secure the assembly to the chassis and also the bits for the new lowered radiator mount.

post image

Just the front plate is shown here - I've got a couple of bits of 2mm plate to weld to the top and bottom edge to complete the channel. The 2 plates will then be shaped and riveted to the frame like the old one I'm replacing:

post image

I nearly forgot, a trip down to London to collect the springs from the forge was yesterday's excitement:

post image

and that Jowett Jupity's acomin' on....

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