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29 January 2014

A Wet Weekend...

.. is generally quite productive. I turned up a couple of bits to hook up the choke cable (operated by the Kigass pump on the dash) and then felt that I shouldn't be distracted by the interesting detail work but should be getting on with the body.

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The beam which goes across the back of the seats was going to involve a trip to the builders merchant's until I spotted a suitable piece of wood in the corner of one of the farm buildings. Trimmed up to shape and blocked at both ends, I'll put a 1mm ply sheet across the top - much the same shape as the metal brace - which will tidy up any unevenness in the wood and give the aluminium skin a firm base. I'm thinking of using 1.2mm thick aluminium rather than 1.5mm which becomes more difficult to work in the tight spots. This reminds me that I've yet to pick up the English wheel. I notice that the Jowett panels are 2mm but I don't know if they were pressed or hand formed. Anyway, Learned Counsel popped his head round the door and said it would be a nice touch if I used the bit of ash that sticks out of the front of cross beam, to form a division between the seats.

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A good idea. I've glued a couple of blocks to the rearmost part of the top frame and I'll cover this in 1mm ply as well.

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I've also revised the rear bulkhead which, looking at it in the picture, may need the top bit re-revising as the profiles at each end look to be a bit too shallow in relation to the forward beam. Fortunately the top bit is the easy bit to re-do. Whilst Learned Counsel was in the workshop, we had a brief word or two about the proposed plan for racing at Le Mans in 2016 with his second Jowett.

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There's a bit to do...

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.. but nothing that's impossible. Quite a lot of the basic work has already been done to an acceptable standard and, as a project, it turns out that it's probably a more sound proposition than the Jowett currently under restoration. The engine has been moved onto the engine bench..

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.. and the gearbox is in the process of being cleaned.

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So it won't be long before we're roaring round the yard. All this reminds me - I need constantly reminding these days - that I have to go and get my medical and then go to Snetterton to do the driving test in order to get my racing license (I'm hoping not to miss out on the fun at Le Mans). The test involves some driving and an exam so I'll have to mug up on the various flags people wave at you on the circuit to warn you of this and that. Then it seems, I'm obliged to spend an awful lot of money on overalls, a helmet and various items of underclothing, the latter specifically designed to avoid disagreeable burns to the nether regions.

Need I remind you that sporting such garb, opportunities to promote with impunity all sorts of fictions, must abound.

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