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21 April 2012

A Schedule of Works....

..... I'd like to have the rolling chassis finished and the steering column mounted before the end of the summer. Once the structural alterations to the chassis to accomodate the new engine are complete, then the work should progress quite rapidly until I get to the bodywork. The engine is a relatively straightforward unit which is quite within my capabilities - unlike white metalling for older engines - and is something I aim to complete over the next winter. Then I'll have just over a year to complete the bodywork, jump through the hoops with the DVLA and do a bit of tweaking before beating the Jowett to Monaco.

But, back to the present. I've been bending up the plates for the radiator mount. The laser people omitted a radius on the vertical plate which caused me a few problems as bending plate without a bending contraption is always difficult - it's  so awkward to clamp anything down firmly enough so you don't lose the bend allowance you spent ages calculating.

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The application of heat is always a big help. I shall do all the welding tomorrow and then address the rear gearbox mounting. This is going to be a very simple tubular beam with a strap and rubber packing:

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As long as it's relatively stiff all should be well as most of the weight of the engine is being taken by the middle and front mountings. I imagine that this rear mount will be taking some torque loads so it doesn't want to be too flimsy. I've got some 1" tube with a reasonably thick wall which will do the trick.

Then it's on to mounting the steering column - a problem I'm looking forward to as it's a bit of a poser. The turning circle of the '29 Tourer is..... well it's complete pants. I'm wondering if I can improve on it somehow - I've spotted the cast steering stops and reckon I could skim an 1/8th off each one; maybe that would help or is there some other way? I'll have to look more carefully at the Tourer because it might just be a case of having to stop the tyre banging up against the wing. I can probably get round that with the new wing design. I'm sure it'll be more complicated than that - I've got a spare steering box, I'll have a look inside and see what if any restrictions there are in its operation.

Getting back to the actual mounting of the box; you'll recall that it was bolted to the engine in the original configuration - obviously I can't do that - and it looks like the upside down 'U' bracket is the favourite for now. I'm getting quite good at bending plate so I'm confident of that scheme's success but I'm just going to spend a bit of time looking at the box hanging in mid-air before I make my move. I may have a brain-wave; you never know.....

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