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09 March 2014

Luckily, There's 120.....

... fuses in the box.

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The fault was a bit of a tricky one to find - that's why it's called 'electrickery'..... Anyway, it turned out that the magneto switch I was using (from a wartime military aircraft) was not what I imagined it was. I know that a magneto is grounded to stop it working but I didn't follow that through properly and was trying to use the switch as an on/off switch in the normal sense. Fortunately, Learned Counsel was on hand to help out with that one and 16 fuses later, the penny dropped.

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In my box of come-in-handy items was another double-throw switch that worked as I expected it to. There was quite a lot of messing about getting it to fit the now too large hole in the dash and, at one point I had the three start controls mounted on a piece of shaped ash which I thought might look stylish on the dash. It didn't. So, a simple aluminium plate on a small plinth was the net result. And, with everything hooked up again I checked to see if I was going to need another box of fuses and, sure enough, another one went - this time the rev counter fuse. I'll go back to the diagram kindly prepared by Renaud (who put me right on the coil wiring) to see what I've missed.

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One of the dash lights works very nicely - I haven't got a bulb for the second one as yet.

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I'm very pleased with the whole look of the dashboard; the instruments have a sort of symmetry but are placed just untidily enough to look the part.

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It's slightly galling that having done all this work, the car doesn't look any different to how it looked a couple of weeks ago - apart from the horn and the ash beams added to the cockpit side. I've had to temporarily dismantle the handbrake in order to do the panelling and, as I've been routing wires all over the chassis, one or two loose nuts I've discovered have reminded me that I must go over the whole car very thoroughly before it rolls under it's own steam - which might be in the next few days. Bonnet tape and Denso tape for the springs were amongst my latest purchases, plus a rather sporting nickel-plated tax disc holder.

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And, talking of parts; I had a very nice surprise with the bonnet hinges. I thought I was having to face three days of flush-riveting - always a nightmare - and when I got the stainless steel hinges it only added to my concern - stainless being a bit of a job to drill through sometimes. What I didn't know was that, far from having to drill anything, all I shall need to do is fold over the edges of the bonnet panel, slip it into the folded part of the hinge and pinch both ends to retain the panel. What could be simpler or more great a relief?

I suppose though that I'd be a bit of an expert after 120 (successful) flush-rivets.

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