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29 July 2014

More Boxes Ticked.

I received the electronic ignition I sent for but have resisted fitting it because the engine is running so sweetly; it settles into a very smooth idle within a minute of starting up. The throttle is very responsive though the carb piston might be a bit sticky in the chamber as the shut off is slow. I've removed a lot of the oil from the damper but to no real effect and the jet is central in the body so I'll need to investigate further on that one.

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I've finished fitting the wings; all that remains is for me to get the car down to George to weld up the joins in situ. I'm not sure how much they'll move in the process but fortunately, they're fairly pliable. A little heat and a few taps with the persuader should see things right.

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The rear number plate posed a bit of a problem in that the gap between the wing and the spare wheel is fairly small. I'd kept an original number plate to use as a pattern and it works rather well. To balance up the look of the rear end another identical plate on the near side (which will have the 'GB' sign painted on it) has been added. That also saves me messing about trying to get the rear lights at the same height each side.

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The contraption under the tank was there to hold everything up when I removed the main chassis bolts which take the bottom fixing of the plates. There's also provision for the rear indicators at their base.

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Meanwhile, The Ambassador's Daughter finished off the tonneau by edging it with the same cloth as the upholstery and we fitted the 'Lift the Dot' fasteners to the double duck. Only the front and rear pins have been placed so far; the rest I'll do when I have a moment because the wiring to the light positions was more pressing.

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Instead of having 18 miles of wiring, I was told that I could run the lights in parallel so that made things a lot simpler. It doesn't apply to the indicator system because that's, in effect, a stand-alone set-up. Anyway, I'm quite pleased that I used the original Hillman front wing supports as they had all the holes ready-made for the wiring and all I had to do was send the cables through the bracing bar and add a couple of grommets. I've placed the indicators on the supports - they're fairly innocuous. Then I decided I would run the cables to the rear of the car in some heat-shrink tubing. That took me an hour and I wasn't very pleased when the stick I was using to get the cables through, broke in the middle!

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So to make me think I'd achieved something, I fitted the rear view mirror - ex Rover and wide-angle so it can double as Miss X's vanity mirror without adjustment. And finally, I collected the bonnet side panels...

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Corr! They tick a few boxes!


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