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11 August 2017


Especially a large amount of important ones on a big key ring, are, ideally, not introduced to your lawnmower - the result is not pretty. Luckily, the one key that I needed to put the lawnmower back in the workshop, had only been chopped off at the top of the shaft and with a pair of pliers for leverage, was still serviceable. It had been a rough couple of days - going too fast, I'd crashed the lawnmower into the corner of the shed trying to squeeze through a gap. The steering was bent out of shape and the drive mechanism had got itself in a muddle and decided to work backwards. Ride-on lawnmowers are not the easiest of things to maintain and a day was spent on the floor and under the machine trying to get everything straight.

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Much more cheering was the picture of Leon's re-spoked A7 wheels.

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And then I was off to Finland again. It was an early morning flight to Helsinki and we boarded a very new A350-900 with TV's in the seat backs and leg room; bliss! There were also feeds to the cameras mounted on the tail and the belly of the aircraft which was fun at take-off and landing. It was a far cry from my return from Oslo the other week in an old Ryanair cattle truck in which it was impossible not to have my knees against the seat in front of me. Plus the seat backs seemed to be at 90° which was torturous.

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Back in Pikkala, we were loading the Atalanti, a Greek registered cable-laying ship with a very friendly crew and an excellent galley. The moussaka was perfect! It was a short trip and as a bonus, the weather in Finland was better than the UK- warm and sunny with a bit of rain overnight.

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Staying on the ship was still something to get used to - the same problem with no windows in the cabin and not being able to tell what time of day it was.

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To keep me company in the hut where I was working was this wasps nest. The wasps were quite busy whizzing in and out and one or two did briefly penetrate my no-fly zone but were otherwise not interested. Perhaps Finland has a less aggressive breed of wasp though I wasn't about to poke a stick in there to find out.

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On my last shift the moon made an appearance and although phone cameras aren't the best in low light, I took a couple of snaps anyway. What I didn't realise until I was told later, was that there was a partial lunar eclipse in progress. If you zoom in on the picture, you can just see the Earth's shadow clipping the disc at the 5 o'clock position.

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Helsinki airport is massive. Some of the gates are a 20 minute walk and then a bus ride to the aircraft. Finnair boast that they fly to more destinations than any other airline - an impressive claim and, I have to say, they're at the top of my list; leg room - that's the key.

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