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13 July 2012

Yours distractedly...

Progress on le grande projet has been delayed by a weekend at the Le Mans Classic - a wonderful spectacle and one on the list of things-to-do-and-see.

A proper Le Mans start for the vintage stuff

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and the same for the last race but, by then we'd worked out which bit of the track was going to best demonstrate the performance and skill of the cars and drivers and we'd moved away from the grandstand to a point just after the Dunlop Curve where the cars entered the Esses. I imagine that if you're careering into a 90 degree turn at 80+ on tyres not much wider than those of a bicycle, it rather concentrates the mind; it certainly makes for good spectator sport, especially after a shower's passed through and the track is not exactly wet, but not quite dry either. The good-natured crowd cheered those who pushed the envelope just a bit too far as much as they did those who, by the skin of their teeth, got away with it.

The upshot of the weekend was that Learned Counsel, an accomplished racing driver in his own right, was appalled at the lack of a Jowett presence (the Jupiter was for three years running a winner in its class at Le Mans) and returned home determined to compete in the 2014 races. We're all going to help of course, but it looks like 2014 is going to be a busy old time what with the Monaco Dash in May and now Le Mans close on its heels. It's a good job he's got a couple of spare engines.

Further distraction has been caused by the announcement of the invention of Bee Ponds (the name is a stroke of marketing genius). Cook has been developing these unique features in her Suffolk garden for the last couple of years and the idea is now mature enough to face the spotlight of public scrutiny.

Bee Ponds are rectangles (or any shape that you care to sculpt) of grass containing clover. You may have noticed the clover in flower over the past few weeks and if, in your garden, you leave a patch or two unmown, the bees home in on these oases, sometimes in quantities enough to give the illusion of a magic carpet running through its pre-flight checks. Of course, Bee Ponds are not to be seen in the manicured garden; the concept has greater acceptance where a more bohemian approach prevails in matters of  horticultural convention.

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So, a fascinating entertainment at no cost, a great benefit to our environment and frankly, if you can reduce the amount of time spent cutting the lawn.....

..... there'll be more time to get on with what I'm meant to be doing - which is not lazing about on the beach in Wells....

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I hope to report some concrete progress by the end of the weekend.

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