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14 February 2018

An Impressive Amount Of Snow.

I was weighing up which might be the best way to create the false drums that'll cover the discs and calipers on the Hillman when my fellow Magneteer and I were called back to Norway.

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We got the front seats, the sun was out and it wasn't a silly-o'clock departure - perfect. The outlook was less encouraging as we crept into Oslo through the clag, breaking through the cloud base at what must have been close to decision altitude.

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A squadron of 17 snow ploughs was busy keeping things clear...

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.... and it wasn't long before we were back in Drammen....

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....though a very heavy snow fall over the weekend promised to hold up the proceedings for 24 hours. Happily, that gave us time to get in supplies for the days and nights ahead. But, back to the aluminium brake drums; I had several options. Aluminium tube, 340mm id, 20mm wall, would give me enough material to machine the finning and weld in a 4mm face plate. Sandcasting was the second option.

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Building up the drum and fins from different sized aluminium rings was the third, and lastly, rolling a 20mm x 100mm wide plate to form the drum and again, welding in the face plate. The first three options are all quite expensive so I'm going to go with the fourth. There's a big engineering works down the road from me and I know they've got a set of power rollers - I'll visit when I'm back from Norway.

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I've also got to pop up to a company in Redditch to have the discs and bells made. I've made up the pattern from rings and everything fits in very nicely. The false drum face plates will have to have a slight dish in them as the caliper is just proud of the disc bell by 8mm. I'll make up a couple of press tools and do that myself. I don't yet know if, in order to create some visual balance, I'll put false drums over the existing rear brake drums, it might look a bit over done.

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Learned Counsel found time to get the hood started on the Jowett Jingle Bell - luckily, the original hood was in one piece so a careful unstitching of everything gave him a set of patterns to work with.

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Mikhail Guermacheff was a painter born in the Ukraine in the late 19thC and, being back in Norway and not having seen so much snow for a long time, it brought to mind this painting belonging to the other Wright brother. Guermacheff's treatment of the combination of snow, water and light - especially evening light - has always made his paintings instantly recognisable, so when a friend of mine walked into my local pub and asked if I knew anything about some paintings that belonged to his family, pictures of which he had on his phone, I was able to say in a very knowledgeable way, 'Ah yes, Guermacheff,' and blather on for a few minutes about the artist's history.

Even I was impressed.





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