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24 March 2018


The Great Collector popped by the other day - he was looking a bit sheepish so I knew what was afoot.

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A 14hp Bean. Absolutely immaculate and it sounds very sweet with its rebuilt engine. I don't know why but, many years ago - when in fact I was still at school - I got into conversation with a music master who lived in a house not far from our school entrance. I remember his name was Mr Durant and he claimed that his father - or grandfather, I can't remember which, was the man behind the Star car. I recall he became very animated when I mentioned the Bean in the same breath. I've tried to find out if there was a connection between Bean and Star but have so far drawn a blank.

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It has a very shapely radiator.

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Mr Summers (of Summer Road) despite some setbacks with his new road springs being far too stiff, is still determined to have his Morris tourer ready for the, er ....summer.

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And I see that Learned Counsel has endorsed my choice of brake calipers by choosing the same Wilwood brand. He's gone for the single pot version but then his car weighs only half that of the Hillman.

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And I was just going out of the door to collect the aluminium discs to make up the false brake drums when a call came through to jump on a plane to Athens for a magnetising job. The only flights available, as it was half-term and Easter, were Swissair Business Class, with a 4 hour break in Zurich. Beastly luck.

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Normally, I don't eat anything offered to me on an airline because it's mostly tasteless pap that sticks to the roof of your mouth and, anticipating that, I stoked up on a complimentary breakfast in the Executive Lounge at Heathrow. Then on the plane, the hostess put this in front of me and I have to say, it was as good as it looks. After landing In Zurich, we sat about in the Business Lounge where again, there was a huge selection of food and drink to choose from. With not much else to do, it was difficult not to have a little something to pass the time of day.

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We continued to Athens with Aegean. They served up a very good Moussaka, chicken salad and selection of Greek cheeses. I didn't think that I'd be able to get out of the aircraft door at our destination! As we didn't arrive until midnight - Athens is 2 hours ahead - we camped out for a night in the Holiday Inn near the airport before continuing the next day to the Fulgor cable factory on Cape Sousaki and our hotel a little bit further round the bay in Loutraki.

There's a chance we might be able to fit in a tiny bit of sight-seeing before our cable-laying ship comes in so, more anon.


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