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15 July 2018

More Development.

I noticed the last time I was out in the Hillman that there was a misfire, not on one cylinder, but all of them. It was an extremely hot evening and I immediately suspected fuel vaporisation. Just to make doubly sure it was that and not the coil, I put the meter across the + and - connections and sure enough, the 3 - 4 ohms (normal for electronic ignition systems) was present. It had to be the fuel.

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I knocked up a stainless steel air intake from a couple of bends that were lying around and set off to see Awkward who commented that it was highly unlikely that much air was going to get up to the carb body without some sort of duct on the side of the bonnet. He showed me what he'd done to good effect with his Avon Special bonnet.

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So I spent a quiet afternoon with my new metal-shaping hammers getting it wrong and then trying to correct it - I shall go on the course and get the basics weighed off a bit later in the year. I tried to stretch the metal round the back to close the trumpet off but was defeated by having cut the material a bit too small. I've got to de-rivet the assembly and put a blanking piece in the rear so the air can go only up the tube to the carb. I'll know next time. A test run was falter-free but I could have made better connections with the coil wiring - only a long fast trip to the coast in the heat will prove the system.

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I've been working on the bits that'll raise and lower the anvil on the wheeling machine - I should get all the laser-cut plates towards the end of the week. These bits came from an old wallpaper bolt lifting mechanism so is very substantial - the bolts each weighed at least a quarter of a tonne.

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I also picked up a motor and gearbox ready to fabricate a motorised bead roller. The dies are incredibly expensive at around £60 a pop so I had a search on the internet to get some basic dimensions so I can sort out gears and axles. I came across only one set of drawings with measurements so these, possibly scaled down a bit, will have to do. Interestingly, I tripped over a video showing a chap machining dies from hard PVC - that'll be a huge saving if that works.

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I popped in to see Learned Counsel to get the Lamda sensor and boss from the now defunct Mazda exhaust system. I'm going to fit it into the Hillman exhaust because I'm still not convinced about the mixture being right. Awkward and Leon have got a box of tricks with flashing LED's that I should be able to plug in and sort it out once and for all. Meanwhile, the Mazda Locost is coming on...

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... and the Jowett Jackanapes' hood is finally finished and tucked away.

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I've moved a little bit further forward with the Alvis - this is a half plan view with the Speed Twenty bonnet, the Charlesworth wing and an unknown windscreen from stock, blended in. I think I'm going to have to make a clay model of this one but it's good to see the idea is slowly developing.



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