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25 July 2018

A Tidy Job.

Mr Summers (of Summer Road) has got on very well with his Minor....

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... which prompted him to investigate the possibility of having the clutch shaft splines on his spare gearbox repaired. He's found a chap who adds metal by welding and then re-cuts the splines. As I recall, the last four-speed synchro box I dismantled and rebuilt for Mr Summers, was a real Chinese puzzle - not surprisingly, this one was no different.

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But once that was done, chopping up the box section for the English Wheel build was next on the list. I was just getting the welder out when a call came through to depart for Karlskrona in Sweden with fellow magneteer, Janecki z Krakowa. Checking the weather to see what was required in the way of clothes, I was happy to see that Shirt Sleeve Order was going to be about right with temperatures expected in the high 20's and 30's for the next couple of weeks.

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When we arrived, a snag on the ship we were loading gave us a day off and, wandering around the town, this Apollo Motorette took my eye. I've always liked mopeds - this one looks very similar to the NSU Quickly - though the volume of traffic, pretty much wherever you go in the UK, puts you at risk using them on the roads.

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Further around the corner and at the entrance to the local motor museum, were these 'Austin' gates. I hadn't noticed them before and there was no one about to ask what the connection was. I've yet to get in the museum as the last time I was here (Easter 2017) it was open only for private parties. If I get a bit more time off, I'll investigate further.

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Then on to the glass factory at Kosta which was about an hour away. There are continuous demonstrations of the process throughout the day and people are encouraged to try their hand. It was refreshing to see that the factory's approach to involving the general public - children who looked as young as 5 were happily engaged with the art under the watchful eye of their instructors - was completely devoid of nannyish oversight. This pragmatic and clever recruitment strategy ensures that glass blowing will never be a lost art here in Sweden.

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The Kosta Boda Art Gallery had all the usual entertainments, knick-knacks and baubles at eye-watering prices but also some interesting art glass, especially where glass and metal had been combined. But, the highlight of the day was the mural.

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The last time I was here, half of this fabulous painting was covered up as an exhibition was being prepared. This is the mural in all its glory and it's a cracker. Having spent an hour watching the glass blowers, feeling the heat and seeing the flashes of light from the furnaces flick shadows across the factory, Vicke Lindstrand, the artist whose work this is, got it absolutely right.

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A shopping centre is part of the Kosta complex where this belt-drive Husqvarna Novolette was amongst the shop fittings.

I think they could have tidied it up a bit.


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