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07 August 2018

Sunday Outing.

On my last trip back from Norway, we hit wake turbulence (the disturbed air an aircraft leaves behind it) but hit it at right angles to the vortex. The aircraft jolted violently and it certainly got everyone's attention. On our way home from Sweden, I was playing racing cars on my tablet when I felt a vibration - almost like the onset of control flutter. The next thing, we started to roll and we didn't stop at the normal 30° limit. I reckon we touched 60°. Not nice. We must have entered the wake at an oblique angle - you can imagine how powerful the vortex is if a 60 tonne aircraft is thrown around like a toy. And you've got to go with it until you're out the other side. Attempting to correct inside the vortex will over-stress the airframe and recovering from the unusual attitude once you're through is also a delicate business.

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I couldn't help noticing that someone was upset with Border Control - the London airports are appallingly served by the immigration services. Half the booths for the non-EU passport holders are unmanned and the electronic gates are not particularly user-friendly as they rely on the passport holder following a set of not particularly clear instructions. I understand there's a move towards chip implants in Sweden - an interesting idea.

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Breakfast at the Cretingham Golf Club with Leon and The Ambassador's Daughter, was followed by a visit to Helmingham Hall where the Jowett Jumble Sale was enjoying its first day out. It looked splendid and generated a great deal of interest. Learned Counsel was pleased that so many people remembered them and, 'haven't seen one of those for years' was an oft-repeated phrase. He's now got to get on with the racing Jupiter (which means I've got to get on with the dashboard).

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Amongst the 900 or so vehicles in attendance, this Dürkopp Diana was a favourite.

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There's only so much time you can spend at a car show, especially in 30° heat, so next stop was the seaside. Orford is a pretty village on the Suffolk coast with (according to the 2011 Census) a population of 713. With a one-bedroom terraced cottage costing over £300,000, the next Census will be interesting.

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I spotted an engine in this abandoned boat. I couldn't get near it because estuary mud is the worst. It sticks to you like, well, mud, and it can be very smelly. Continuing along the river path and then a cut back across the marshes...

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.. where this family of swans (parents and 6 cygnets) were busy cleaning themselves after a dip in the grim looking water of the dyke.

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It was a 100 mile round trip and I'm pleased to report that the brakes are bedding in very nicely and she hasn't lost a drop of water in the last 300 miles. A blowing exhaust gasket is the only sign of trouble and happily, it's the one between the manifold and the downpipe. I was going to take the downpipe off anyway to fit the lambda sensor flange.

I'll get that out of the way next Sunday.


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