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19 August 2012

The Olympics: My Part in Their Success....

... was minor but key. I've thought about it and even experimented with a few lines but, let's face it, bigging up the job of unloading pallets and distributing them around a multi-storey car park in the small hours, even if it was for the Olympics, is pushing the envelope.

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My role in this task was that of banksman to one of the fork-lift drivers and, in anticipation of a lot of walking, I took along my bicycle - an excellent decision despite getting a puncture at the end of the job. And, knowing that we might be able to snatch a few winks at some point, I took as well my collapsible camp bed. This, at around a quarter to four in the morning, I was able to assemble and put on the buck of the truck for a couple of hours R & R. I wish I could report that I drifted off under a twinkling night sky with only the rustlings of the urban fox to disturb me but a generator in the compound providing electricity for sets of security floodlights rather spoiled the mood.

The bushing and reaming of the springs and spring hangers - courtesy of Chumley - went very well and he was delighted with his sausages. To fill the time before I left for London, I jury rigged the springs to the chassis.

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More clearly:

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... and the rears.

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You'll notice that I've placed the radiator on the chassis. This is just to keep an eye on aesthetics and I can see that I can't go any further for the moment without at least the front axle and wheels. Without those on - even temporarily - the height of the bonnet and the scuttle can't be decided. I can measure off from the plan and go ahead on that basis but I'm slightly suspicious of my drawing in that I think that on paper, the car  is proportionally smaller and less grand than it appears.  If I scale from the drawing I think I'm going to get into trouble. At the moment the radiator height is still not yet set in stone but I shall have to commit fairly soon and for that I need to determine the look of the thing in real life.  The lack of front axle and wheels also precludes me from accurately placing the steering box and column - another factor determining scuttle height and position. Fortunately, I heard from the wheel builder last week and the wheels' completion is imminent, so I won't have to wait long before I can get cracking again.

This may all sound like a lot of nonsense and that I'm just dreaming up problems for myself but this is the very thing that tripped me up on the Austin 7 Special. Because I couldn't get far enough away from it (thin workshop) before the wheels went on (by that time the body was well advanced) I ended up with a car that looked a bit like it was going to trip over itself. Most people didn't notice but it drove me nuts and I moved the front axle forward 6". That helped a lot, but it's not something I want to have to do on the Hillman.

That would be an olympian task.

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