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11 May 2019

The Benefit Derived.....

.... from working in gloves is that when you do something stupid like crushing your finger, the blood stays in the glove, the wound stays relatively clean and you can continue working. One of the carb bodies from the Alvis got away from me on the wire wheel brush and trapped my finger between it and the bench. Ouch!

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The trip from Rognan to Bodø was fun; my fellow Magneteer was familiar with rally driving techniques. The shadow in the top left of the picture is caused by the case of my phone beginning to obstruct the camera lens. I trim it up with a scalpel every couple of months, but it always sags again. It would be helpful if the lens was in the middle of the phone case rather than at the side.

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Norway has always been a bit shy about her cottage industries (hence the camouflage) but giant marshmallow production is one of her success stories.

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And I noticed this necklace cloud formation as we rolled into our descent over the North Sea. The eagle-eyed will also spot the airliner on a perpendicular heading about 1000' below. We had the posh seats on the way back and though I've come to decline the meal (Bodø airport restaurant does an excellent English breakfast) a special box of three delicious chocolates is later served. Those and a glass of red are always very welcome.

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I'd kept an eye on the weather whilst I was away and as I wasn't going on to Sweden, it looked decent enough to arrange a breakfast run to Old Buckenham airfield. I'd arrived home the night before and as there was nothing in the house, another cooked breakfast was just the thing.

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Later in the week, I followed Counsel on a delivery run to The Great Collector - the Wolseley Hornet wasn't a recent purchase but had been kept in store until sufficient space was available. Despite the new bearings in the RR fan assembly, there was still on the over-run an occasional rattle which had initially disappeared when the fan belt was loosened. I'd read somewhere that this rattle came from the back of the engine though the noise would seem to come from the front. Another search in Google pulled up an article by a 20/25 owner belonging to the Goshawk Society - for owners of smaller capacity RR's. Mr Lamrock says, "One of the brushes of the dynamo was frozen in its holder and was unable to make full contact with the commutator. When the rattling noise was at its peak, arcing was taking place in the gap between brush and commutator of strength similar to that of a welding arc. This resulted in a shudder in the rotation of the dynamo that transmitted back to the dynamo drive, onto the cam wheel." Interesting.

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The last job of the week was to clean and inspect the Alvis gearbox. It scrubbed up well and looks very little used. Most things benefit from a bit of elbow grease.



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